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Modern is a scourge among us now. How not because in the modern world, sophisticated technology continues to grow where there are bad and good aspects for us to look more deeply and how this modern technology has resulted in the development of times increasingly drastically changing, not only that it makes changes in human generation and patterns of activity or daily behavior

Flying car

The car we usually see in our lives is land transportation now that the progress of the times has become a vehicle for flying and the specter of modern times is so sophisticated that it becomes a reality. With a wing model that can be biased out and input the wing withdrawal system.

Advantages and benefits of flying cars

1.Very elegant in sophisticated and glamorous interior design
2.Free from traffic jams on the highway
3.Travel time to a place is faster

Weaknesses and negative impacts of flying cars

1. Carbon dioxide pollution which directly ozone layer if too many communities and car users fly
2. Fuel, the oil used for flying cars may be very expensive, let alone we know that flying vehicles must use strong oils such as benzene for airplanes
3. Costly care
4. The risk of accidents is still a mystery
5. Must have a special and own path to landing flying cars and roads in safe words
6. Need skill to drive it

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