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Today’s diera, the benefits and usefulness of applications are growing where everything is done practically and easily. and development reaches a very extraordinary stage especially after there is Google maps we can find and find the location where we want to be easier and certainly easy. As for Google Maps, it has a search system using satellite as a media for taking pictures when you are smartphone and you are connected to the internet. You can easily access Google Maps easily and more efficiently.

You don’t need to get lost on the road or you can’t know the location with certainty, because with google maps you can go anywhere. You can download this application and get it for free on Google Play Store and IOS Play Store easily. The features in it are so detailed as to explain how you can see information about how far the travel time of the km / s and travel distance by predicting it, here you can also determine it by using the distance of your car, motorbike, or by walking easily and successfully.

Advantages of google maps

1. You don’t need to be afraid if you get lost on the road
2. Look for locations that you don’t know
3. Know the distance traveled you will travel
4. Make it easy for you to find places to eat, workshops and others
5. Can be easily modified as an AI with an intelligence system.
6. with google map you can modify it as an additional smart application for good travel
7. Knowing the heavy traffic of a busy area so you can avoid traffic
8. Make it easy for you to find the nearest route

Weakness of google maps

1. It cannot be used when you are in offline mode and when you travel in a vehicle your network will go up and down causing you to lose the right direction when your internet connection is unstable
2. There are advertisements when you use the Googlemaps application, which is Google Play Store for free
3. Less accuracy, here may be the location of the place that has not been indexed by Google, but there are digoole maps
4. A very small object can’t be seen on Google maps
5. Items in a closed room cannot be seen on Google maps

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