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Windows 10 is a Microsoft development of the Windows NT operating system family that was introduced on September 20, 2014 and released on July 29 2015 and in November 2015. Many do not believe that Windows 10 will come out and now we can feel how Windows 10 is used already present and not just a myth. Some believe that Windows 10 is the last Windows that will be released and there is no more Windows 11 because Windows 10 is also called Windows that we will use. Many uses and benefits of the OS on Windows 10 and really helps us in terms of the process of utilizing the performance in business, the more sophisticated the OS that has developed with more attractive features.
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The Windows 10 version 
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The benefits and features of Windows 10 are Default browser from Windows 10 that you can directly enjoy because it has been installed directly on Windows 10 as Windows default. the shape is almost the same as Internet Explorer where Microsoft makes Edge Browser with the benefit of users to not need to install another product browser because Edge has been adjusted for use on Windows 10.Can be as desktop virtualization as two different desktop displays into one. The elegant star menu button Windows 10 has been designed to read previous device devices with sophistication perfected by Microsoft and further to the final edition for Windows 10. Recording the application the run is down, so the lack of screen recording on this gamebox is still very limited. but this is very useful for users who are overwhelmed in recording an application using a desktop, suitable for use when you’re playing games and Windows 10 is recommended for gamers. because Windows 10 has been set up in such a way with the maximum possible process has been updated Multy tasking running applications with 2 Windows defender computer screens united with other security.

Start menu

This menu distart you will see a combination of Windows 8 and Windows 10. all the installed software applications become a rectangle that you can use directly easily and efficiently, and the application that is on the menu has been indexed into the alphabet after you click the start section Your menu will automatically find the application you want.

Task Manager

Here Windows 10 has a cooler task manager quality compared to previous windows. because Windows 10 is designed more sophisticated in terms of appearance and more detail on the appearance of whatever ag is running in a process. and the difference for a more detailed process for the amount of ram usage and Vram, Cpu, which you can see in the performance.

Security at glance and Windows defenders

Security that has become 1 Windows 10 between Virus & threat protection, Account protection, Firewall & network protection, App & browser control, Device security, Device performance & health and Family options. Firewall will manage applications that enter your computer network when you download an application that is dangerously automatically the firewall will block the application, as well as virus security & the threat, when there is no problem with the computer security will make no action needed notification means your computer is safe and not there are problem constraints.

Hotspot tethering is easier and safer

You can create a password to share your wifi or your network and you can change your password and security easily and this is part of the advantages of Windows 10 in the internet network setup, you can do it if you are on the internet network and connected to the internet directly and you can share your friends and others, bandwicht will be displayed when you have turned it on enough you press disconect to stop your hospot network dry.

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